The chaff has been separated from the wheat over 3 days and we are entering the home stretch- the business end of the tournament. The format for the semifinals is the team ranked 1 in the round robin plays team no. 4, while teams ranked 2 and 3 play the other semifinals over 3 sessions of 16 boards per session.

The last day of the Round Robin didn’t disturb the overnight top four leaders too much. In both the Supermixed and Seniors Categories, the same four as night before last made it to the short list. The only change occurred in the Men’s Teams, where India B, who were lying sixth ,qualified gathering 52.89 V.Ps in three rounds yesterday. Australia, who, had an ordinary day at office, collecting 37.96 V.Ps in three rounds yesterday, slipped from 4th to 5th, missing the bus.